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By the time you leave our office, your worries are dissolved and you will have a peace of mind. Your heart will become radiant for finding a clear perspective in solving your case. That is the kind of law firm we wish to be.

To this end, for each and every case on our hands, we must be the kind lawyers who are able to recognize precisely the entire picture comprising such case, seize the essence of things without adhering to preconceptions and prejudices, formulate plans that are not dependent on market outlooks and carry them out with courage and determination.

Specifically, we will sincerely and thoroughly assist in finding solutions to all sorts of troubles and anxieties that arise from the daily lives of citizens. In addition, we will settle disputes properly and reasonably by conventional lawsuits as a matter of course, meet the society’s needs for rapid complication, diversification and internationalization, cultivate our abilities which can endure expert and up-to-date matters, and collaborate with corporate clients by participating in the planning of composing strategic legal affairs and new schemes as well as contribute in establishing compliance.

We will continue to pursue our studies and self-commit everyday with the objective of accomplishing our given mission by exerting fertile imagination and creativity, and vigorous energy with a profound wisdom and voluminous knowledge as well as empathic minds as our foundation.

Michiyoshi Homma

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